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Fee Policy

This Fee Policy sets out how General Standards charges for its work, and is in addition to the Standard Terms.

Prices are confirmed in Quotes.

If you are unsure about a Fee, you should contact to confirm.

Standard Prices

General Standards publishes its Standard Prices for most of its services. This is a fixed-fee with set inclusions and processes. This is also the scope of work for any Capped Fee.

Standard Prices usually include:

  • 2 parties only to a single document
  • 1 Consultation (to start the work)
  • Up to 2 rounds of amendments (as needed)
  • Finalisation (getting it ready to sign/use)
  • Digital signing for 2 parties using (where need or possible)
  • Where any of the inclusions changes, the Standard Price may vary.

    For example, if a contract has more than 2 parties, or there a 2 parties signing the same type of document with the Company.

    Standard Prices are also based on performing the work quickly in a defined process and timespan:

  • Work performed in the scheduled Work Window (and not urgently)
  • Feedback is received promptly (usually 3 business days)
  • Finalisation is approved promptly (usually 2 business days)
  • Documents are signed promptly (usually 2 business days)
  • Where the client changes any of the processes change, work done outside of the process may be separately charged.

    For example, if feedback on a document is not received for several weeks, the amendments may be charged on a time cost basis.

    We will let you know if a Standard Price changes, or if there are any additional charges due to changes to the inclusions or processes, before you incur those charges.


    Consultations are discussion-based bookings, whether performed online, on-phone or in-person.

    New Clients

  • If you are not yet a client, there is no charge for your consultation (as its purpose is usually to provide you with a quote).
  • Standard Clients

  • Consultations for Standard Clients usually have fixed price of $99 for 15 minute consultations, or $199 for 30 minute consultations, payable in advance. Unless consultation run materially shorter or longer, no adjustments to the price apply.
  • Most Standard Contracts & Services include upfront consultation (usually no more than 30 minutes), which is included in the price. Additional consultations are charged a their Standard Price, unless agreed otherwise.
  • Where a consultation is primarily to obtain a Quote for a new Matter, we will credit the value of the consultation to any Fees for that new Matter started within 30 days.
  • If a consultation is cancelled by the Client, the Client will be entitled to take up another consultation within 30 days, however no refunds will be offered.
  • Retainer Clients

  • Consultations are charged on a per-minute basis at our Standard Rates.
  • Where a service includes a set number of consultations, additional consultations are charge on a per-minute basis at our Standard Rates.
  • Where a consultation is primarily to obtain a Quote for a new Matter, we will credit the value of the consultation to any Fees for that new Matter started within 30 days.
  • Consultations may be cancelled or rescheduled at the Client's discretion, subject to availability.
  • Fixed Fee Services

    Fixed Fees are invoiced upfront, and payable before commencement of the Work Window.

    A Work Window for a Fixed Fee Matter is not confirmed until payment is received. General Standards may cancel or reschedule a Work Window if payment is not received within 2 business days prior to the scheduled Work Window.

    Where you don't provide feedback in a timely manner under a Fixed Fee matter, General Standards may require you to provide feedback with 5 days, which if not provided shall end the Fixed Fee. General Standards may refund the Fees paid for any item in a Fixed Fee Matter that has not commenced, however all work on items commenced will be considered paid in full.

    Capped Fees

    Capped Fees are time cost matter where the Client pays the lesser of the time cost charges or the the Standard Price.

    The Capped Fee only applies to the usual inclusions and processes of the Standard Price. Any work in excess to the inclusions, or outside of the process, will also be charged at the Standard Rates but not included in the Capped Fees. We will let you know if work attracts extra charges before you incur the costs.

    All work on Capped Fee Matters are billed twice per month, on 7 day terms. We will bill any part of the Capped Fee, irrespective of the status of the Matter, up the Capped Fee (after which we may not send further invoices).

    Standard Client Rates

    A Standard Client is a Client that isn't a Retainer Client or a Private Client.

    Generally, Private Clients will access our Standard Contracts and Services at our Standard Prices, and they can instruct us to perform work at our Standard Rates.

    Retainer Client Rates

    A Retainer Client is a Client that has signed up for the Standard Retainer.

    Retainer Clients generally receive a 5% discount on our Standard Rates, which increases the amount of work that will be done on a Capped Fee. The Standard Price is not reduced by 5% as this would diminish the amount of work included.

    Where a Retainer Client instruct us to perform Legal Services (usually small jobs that don't have a Standard Price) we will do so and charge at our Standard Rates.

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