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Standard Rates

It isn't always practical, expedient or cost-effective to provide fixed-fee services. In such instances, we offer our services on a traditional time-cost basis, while still keeping true to the principles of simplicity, affordability and convenience. All time-cost matters are recorded and charged on a 'per minute' basis (no 6 minute units), and invoiced bi-monthly on 7 day terms.

Team & Rates

Experience Counts

Our lawyers, their experience and GST-inclusive hourly rate is set out below.

The Standard Retainer

The Standard Retainer is a priority service tier, for faster services and more flexible billing, charged at $110 per month.

  • 5% discount on all legal fees (including your first matter)
  • "Capped Pricing" on standard services (lower of fixed fee or the time cost)
  • Priority Bookings
  • Online Share Register (extra fees apply)
  • Worldwide Brand + Trade Mark Monitoring
  • Complimentary Registered Office Services
  • And if you're not getting value, the Standard Retainer can be cancelled at any time.

    Nota Bene

  • Engagement. To engage us as your lawyers, please follow this link to review and sign our Standard Terms. This step does not obligate you to spend any money with General Standards, nor does it accept any quote provided. You can confirm the work you'd like performed by emailing
  • Initial Delivery. We will always endeavour to complete work as quickly as practical. You must inform us of any deadlines at the start of the jobs. From receipt of both payment and all the information we require, our standard initial turnaround timeframes are:
    + Companies: 1-2 business days
    + Trusts: 2-3 business days
    + Legal Documentation: 5-10 business days
    We will generally advise you of our anticipated initial turnaround times for your particular pieces of work.
  • Review & Finalisation. We will provide you with legal documents in Microsoft Word format. Once your documents are ready for review, we ask that you make your initial comments within the document (preferably using markup) within 5 business days so we can promptly finalise your work - noting we may need 2-3 days to make any revisions (any urgent turnarounds must be agreed in advance). After 5 business days, any further changes you require will re-enter our standard workflow and may take 5-10 days to return. If we have not heard from within 10 business days, we reserve the right to charge a re-engagement fee of $110-$220 to be paid if you wish us to make any further amendments and revisions.
  • Communication. We deal with everything as a team. You may receive correspondence without a human sign off - please treat this as coming from the firm. Email is our preferred means of communication. We will respond as quickly as possible (please allow 1-2 business days for non-critical communication). Please let us know how fast you need a reply so we can help you as quickly as possible. The best way to speak with us is to book a meeting. You can leave phone messages for us by calling +61 3 8820 5040 - but other than truly urgent matters, asking us to call you back will simply result in us sending you a meeting link by email.
  • Urgent & Priority Services. We understand that some things are urgent. If you have an immediately urgent event, please email us with "URGENT" in the subject line and allow 1-2 hours for a reply/call. You may be required to pay a surcharge for work that is required in advance of our standard timeframes, which will be quoted prior to acceptance of the job.
  • Abuse. Please deal with us professionally and courteously. Remember, we're here to look after your business interests, and abusing us compromises our ability to act objectively. You are welcome to query anything you're unsure about, but please give us the benefit of the doubt, as queries about our work are often easily explained but accusations are hard to retract. We are humans, and if we do make a mistake, we will do whatever is necessary to rectify the situation. You have many remedies available to you as a legal client, including refunds, credits and external review by the Legal Services Commission. We have only one remedy - to stop doing business with you.
  • Thank you!

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